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Loewe Opta Bella Luxus Chassis 142823
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Autor:  John-Jarratt [ Do Jan 31, 2019 1:25 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Loewe Opta Bella Luxus Chassis 142823

I am looking for a schematic for this radio. It is a strange radio because the chassis is a Type 142823 but it is in a 142021 cabinet. Anyway , Radio Museum does not have a schematic for this radio . The chassis is similar to the 142020 for the IF section but the RF front end is different. If anyone has worked on the 142823 chassis or has the schematic and alignment information I would appreciate hearing from them. This radio has Mw, FM ( 88-108) and two shortwave bands. Here are some photos.

IMG_1650_1.jpg [ 106.12 KiB | 631-mal betrachtet ]
Dateikommentar: This is the Label on the chassis
IMG_0232.JPG [ 59.02 KiB | 631-mal betrachtet ]
IMG_0225.JPG [ 72.11 KiB | 631-mal betrachtet ]

Autor:  John-Jarratt [ Sa Feb 02, 2019 17:41 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Loewe Opta Bella Luxus Chassis 142823

Well. after much experimentation I think I have solved the puzzle of how to adjust the RF front end for MW and SW. This radio was made for the North American or World market so maybe it is different than the usual setup. I am posting this in case someone else has an identical radio chassis. In the photo I have identified the adjustment capacitors and coils from #1 to #4. The oscillator adjustment is underneath the chassis nested in the bandswitch assembly. After adjusting the oscillators to get the dial to agree with the received frequency the next step is the antenna adjustment. Here are the steps I made . I peaked the signals for MW and both SW bands.

(A) Adjust #1 for Max signal for both SW bands. Just need to do the adjustment on one SW band and it will also affect the other SW band.

(B) Adjust #4 for Max signal on SW 1

(C) Adjust #2 for Max signal on SW 2

(D) Adjust #3 for Max signal on MW

IMG_1653_1.jpg [ 107.89 KiB | 521-mal betrachtet ]

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